USC Takes Top Spot in 1st 2015 PAC-8 Rankings

USC Takes Top Spot in 1st 2015 PAC-8 Rankings

November 2, 2015

The first PAC-8 Rankings were released on Monday and the USC Trojans claimed the top spot in the computer rankings that will determine the six teams that will qualify for this year’s PAC-8 Championships in Lake Tahoe, CA.

The Trojans come in at number one in the rankings, determined by using the KRACH computer ranking system which emphasizes a team’s win-loss record with each of the PAC-8 teams playing a different number of conference games during the season.

At number two is a streaking Cal team who’s won their last four conference games. At number three is last year’s champion in the Utah Utes, followed by Oregon who finished 2nd in the PAC-8 last season. Washington currently hold on to the number five spot in the first ranking while Washington State holds the final playoff spot thanks in part to their win over Washington two weeks ago.

The rankings will be released monthly with final ranking at the end of January determining which six teams will be heading to Lake Tahoe, CA for the 2016 PAC 8 Championships.

# Team Win Loss Tie KRACH
1 USC 4 2 0 69.6
2 CAL 4 4 0 46.3
3 UTAH 2 0 0 34.9
4 OREGON 2 1 1 17.1
5 UW 4 1 1 10.8
6 WSU 1 7 0 6.8
7 UCLA 0 2 0 6.3