Utah Number One in First KRACH Rankings

Utah Number One in First KRACH Rankings

November 1, 2014

The PAC 8 Hockey Conference has released its initial conference rankings that will be used to determine the six teams that will qualify for the PAC 8 Championships in Lake Tahoe, CA in February.

The rankings will be calculated by using the KRACH ranking system, which is new to the PAC 8 this season. This method is based on a statistical technique called logistic regression, in essence meaning that teams’ ratings are determined directly from their won-loss records against one another.

A key feature of KRACH is that strength of schedule is calculated directly from the ratings themselves, meaning that KRACH, unlike many ratings (including RPI) cannot easily be distorted by teams with strong records against weak opposition.

The third ranked Utes debut at number one in the first rankings, posting a KRACH score of 146.60. Right behind them is #10 Arizona State with a score of 143.77. Both teams are currently undefeated in conference play.

At number three is USC with a score of 103.21, then Oregon at number four with a 90.71. In fifth is UCLA with a 82.95 and Washington rounds out the top six with a score of 64.56.

In seventh is Cal with a 64.29, just .27 points away from the last spot to qualify for the PAC 8 Championships. In eight is Washington State with a score of 20.86.

The rankings will be released monthly with the final ranking being released just before the PAC 8 Championship tournament, which for the first time will be played at a neutral site in Lake Tahoe, CA in February.

# Team Win Loss KRACH
1 UTAH 2 0 146.60
2 ASU 3 0 143.77
3 USC 3 3 103.21
4 OREGON 3 3 90.71
5 UCLA 1 2 82.95
6 UW 4 4 84.56
7 CAL 3 3 64.29
8 WSU 0 4 20.86