University of California Los Angeles

The UCLA Bruins have been members of the conference since it began in 1996, winning championships in 1999 and 2017. The Bruins have won four Crosstown Cups against their rivals USC. UCLA has been playing hockey since 1926 and recorded several championships before joing the PAC-8 Conference.
Year joined PAC-8:


Number of Championships:

2 (1999, 2017)

Previous PAC-8 Records:

2019-2020 PAC-8 Record: 3-11
2016-2017 PAC-8 Record: 11-5
2015-2016 PAC-8 Record: 2-11
2014-2015 PAC-8 Record: 5-11
2013-2014 PAC-8 Record: 4-9

Fun Team Facts:

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